Only the touch…the style of The African Touch

Africa moves us and inspires us. We don’t aim to universalise the popular African culture, but to bring to western societies their natural fibres, deconstructed shapes, patterns… a completely different ethnical and trendy touch which matches with any style.

That is the reason why we travel to Africa looking for a handmade and adventurous selection of products. This selection is also proportionate and charming. Elegance does not depend on the time, has a modest spirit and a “chic” attitude with a natural and wild light touch: The African touch.

From Granada to the world


Our headquarters is located in the capital city of the ancient kingdom of Al-Andalus: Granada.


This city is proud of having bonds with Africa that have always united them throughout history. This is an ideal place to get the most out of the best African business opportunities while adapting items to customer wishes around the world.  

The African Touch’s shopping team

The African Touch works with several shopping experts who travel to Africa and visit in person one by one all the markets and workshops across the vast majority of African countries. They are untiring travellers who chose, negotiate and import to Europe the exclusive selection of small handmade productions with a colourful, proportionate and elegant touch that identifies The African Touch.

The direct and personal contact with craftsmen makes us to be committed and engaged with their development, becoming a central aspect in the selection of our collections. In addition, the majority of our suppliers are organised into collaborative communities or into development projects like Community Resource for the Disabled and Disadvantaged, CRCDD, in Bamenda (Cameroon).

We check the condition of each item in the country of origin and we reject faulty or dirty materials which are treated again in our stores (purification, fumigation, freezing, etc.)

Items full of history

We love every single one of the items included in the catalogue of The African Touch. Each product brings a unique story (difficult experiences until the arrival to remote corners in order to find these products, personal aspects of craftsmen, negotiation anecdotes…) but above all a global history about ethnical groups and tribes, rituals and ceremonies, centuries of stories that have been attributed to them…

We always remind customers that some insignificant imperfections or informal aspects may be seen in handmade items, which is part of the essence of these unique and exclusive products.

We try to set affordable prices with the aim of occupying the average market-price range.

We currently send our items to hundreds of clients and businesses across five continents.

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