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Senufo Stool
Wool and Straw Rug, Hassira 181x102 Cm
Handmade basket with handles
Ethiopian wooden cross
Fiber dish "Tonga" ∅ 50 Cm
Fiber dish "Tonga" ∅ 49 Cm
Bulawayo Basket Ø31
Warrior headdress Zulu
Baulé chair
African mask ∅ 70 cm
African dish Ø 34 Cm
African dish Ø 34 Cm
Mat 191x112 Cm
Green pottery ∅ 12 Cm.
Green pottery ∅ 30 Cm.
Vase decorated with tribal motifs
Cowry choker necklace whit base
Table red ∅ 45.5 Cm
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